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Sales of Italian and European Companies Database Email lists B2B

Profiled and Geo targeted Business Email Lists of European Companies

An interesting opportunity for commercial diversification for your company’s e-mail marketing B2B where to find easily also online your ideal geo targeted email Lists b2b for every niche you need.

We are specialized to provide for DB email b2b. Databases of european, global corporates belonging to any business field or public entity. In addition, we have an highly specialization for each italian companies DB email for whatever niches and geo target.

European Business Database Email addresses, with wide range of choice belongings to important niches of European enterprises ideal for your needs.

These mail contacts, (like for every other business geo targets), are obviously sourced and provided in full compliance with the new GDPR legislation, ( also named RGDP), and require the initial opt-in email, for the initial acceptance request future reception subsequent corporate email communications.

Buying our Italian, European or International al Email B2b DB, the customer during the onlybe act of payment, agrees not to resell them to third parties.

Sales of corporate emails geo targeted and profiled with 100% guarantee on hard bounces.

Company emails gathered in strict compliance with both European privacy laws (GDPR) only and they are updated on average on a monthly basis. That for each singolar email address.

Secure and reliable contact databases, constantly checked every 30 days and just before to be consigned.

All our B2B email db of worldwilde enterprises are all regularly tested and checked.

They offer every guarantee of purchasing both recent and truthful contact e-mails and are the cornerstone for those who are trying to start their own marketing campaign for the first time, as well as for those who want to implement their own Newsletter and or corporate communication.

Each purchase requires the buyer to send the initial Opt-in request as provided for by the laws in force governing Email communications privacy.

Our DBs are resold directly from our supplier, of whom we are partner; Bancomail (Neosoft Srl).  

Neosoft Srl is an historic Italian IT company born in Genoa, that has been accredited for years with the largest archive of mails belonging to Italian firms of any business sector and with numerous emails of world-wide profile firms sold and supplied through their brand named”Bancomail“.

So, if you are simply searching database of b2b emails of italian enterprises you’re in the right place where to select and order directly online, or by personal request, your perfect needs.

We’ve the largest archive of italian corporate email contacts.

Yes, we provide also International Emails B2B

As just mentioned we can sell also DB e-mail of European and World-Wilde entrepreneurial activities for each business field; from freelancers to public entities or corporations.

Even though our most important company DB is the one referring to italian firms, freelancers and public bodies with profiled emails, we are able to provide Company E-mails for each European country as well as for any other country of any continent.

Indeed, Bancomail, of which we are partners, constantly updates and check its vast world data.

We reiterate that all DB of entrepreneurial activities are only and fully compliant with the RGDP regulations.


E-mail Marketing: the ideal tool to start Export of products or selling services abroad

For certain niche production sectors, which aim to capture the attention of potential new importers to contact to suggest materials or services of his/her own company in order to diversify its offer into parallel and different markets, it is an essential factor today.

Even more so, if this promo need is targeted to importers of a certain geographical area whether Italian, European or international, perfect for their own business niche.

Making and knowing how to do E-mail Marketing at the enterprise level is the winning and main formula in acquiring new B2B customers as well as new leads with investment costs certainly acceptable.

In fact, in terms of cost benefits compared to conversions both in the short and medium and long term, it exceeds for convenience and conversion, and by a lot (if it is carefully and correctly performed), also other fields of all respect related to the search for visibility through various internet marketing formulas, such as in the case of SEO and other tools of the PPC type.

This just because its costs are much cheaper if in comparison to these other online advertising techniques.

Buying corporate e-mails for the geo target reference carefully chosen can give a huge added value to your company whether it is small, medium or a multinational company.

Nevertheless not all the businessmen are familiar with this powerful promotional tool and often, and especially many small and medium-sized business activities, buying DB B2B, do not rely on the real quality of data purchased regarding the truthfulness and the stated date of their last update, but on price in comparison to the final number of e-mails purchased by choosing and playing on numbers instead of having regard of the single email and its data provided. A very serious mistake indeed.

In addition, often these small or medium-sized business activities approach to web marketing, do not have business actors with basic skills yet to set and better develop this possibility, especially if they are small or medium-sized and family run enterprises.

Having acceptable costs is a fair need, demanding low costs and converting without having above all possible legal problems during this time of GDPR regulation, today is almost impossible.

Although, like for any economic area, the price is an important element, this should never be at the expense of the quality of the product or the service purchased, especially if this expense is carried out by a company that intends to promote itself, it would turn from a productive business investment into a totally unproductive expense and therefore useless for its business.

Each purchased e-mail list show the date of the last data update of the data in there, even during the process of filling out your online order.

Let’s say you are a producer of Mexican chili peppers “Aba Nero” and you want to promote it to importers of those countries that you know have market and culture ready for this type of agricultural and food product, as e.g. just Italy can certainly be, (or maybe even India).

By requesting the DB e-mail B2B of Italian importers only you will have an important added value as we are strong thanks to our data center, on niche of email data for Italian companies lists.

Having also DB E-mail B2B of world firms, we could also supply you with mail contacts of Indian importers for a number without problems, although of course our focus and strength major, are, in the majority, the email DBs from European and especially, Italian enterprises.

You can then request e-mail databases from Italian importers on a national or regional basis.

For example, you might prefer to contact Italian importers who operate only in the southern regions of the country, since it is the part of Italy where chili pepper is widely used for centuries-old culinary tradition in regions such as Campania, Calabria, Puglia or Basilicata, in addition to many other and various regions of the center Italy such as the wild Abruzzo, the beautiful Toscana, the fantastic Umbria or the fascinating Marche.

Of course, some potential new importers may be very interested in this.

This is obviously important for several niche sectors and micro-sectors.

Some other examples may be cleaning products or relating to green economy or industrial machinery. But every industry has value.

It is up to you to target the best and use the most suitable tools to promote your products or services without ever giving up on quality.

But all this, of course, would be useless without a suitable tool for the composition of messages as for the bulk e-mail sending.

Of course, it would be perfect to find one that offers true professional tools maybe together with easy to use and with automatic responders and much more, and that maybe allows to be tested for free…

Well, it exists! For this reason, on our website we recommend a powerful tool for this purpose that will also allow you to compose better both graphically, (and responsibly for its best display even on any mobile device) and your initial Opt-in e-mail and any of your next D.E.M or Newsletter, without incurring fatal errors such as a missed spam check control or an A/B pre-sending test.

An exceptional tool for those who want to start doing e-mail promotions in a serious way and at the best to obtain the lead generation

In addition, thanks to the free and English-language guide on how to start, (that you will be able to download once registered after successfully completing both 2 clicks of the 2 correct confirmation steps for the creation of your own personal area to check the lists in our ”DB Center”, you will be able to know everything you need to know before starting to perform your corporate massive mail campaign for your mailing list or maybe for your mailing lists at your best.

To which countries we can/cannot sell our Database E-mails and why

Just because of the importance of full compliance with RGDP for purchase requests received from countries where this legislation is not complied with, even perhaps only partially, our DB B2B cannot be provided because we are obliged not to supply them because this European protection was created to protect personal private data and any sensitive data comparable to them.

In addition, as a result of each purchase of b2b emails, such every mailing lists are in no way transferable to third parties even after many years.

An important guarantee in terms of data protection and reliability regarding data truthfulness.