How to start up with making B2B Email Marketing Campaigns without making common errors.

Although the best email list for our own Email Marketing campaigns through DEM and/or Newsletter, undoubtedly is the one self-found through authorization to the treatment through his own blog, site or landing page, especially in the field of B2B email marketing (Business to Business) promotion, both nationally and internationally; luckily, it is not the only way forward.

In this article we will discuss only this second way to start making online promotion for companies towards other companies through the purchase or sending to the email database of company geo-targeted and not to private emails, that is: Business to Costumer (B2C) email lists for sale.

Several small companies such as freelancers and several medium-sized companies as well, at least once in the past, have thought to plan or are considering the planning of their first online massive B2B campaign.

Often those approaching to send his first massive email campaign for the first time have two different ideas…

A) Who thinks it is too easy and that it is enough to buy an email database of geo-targeted companies and send all business email maybe via a client workstation or via any email (maybe even via a free email and sometimes via Bcc and that’s it! …)

B) Who believes that initially it is too complex to plan and structure Email Marketing before starting up and is postponing or renouncing.

Well, paradoxically, somewhat there is at least an element of truth there between the two very different opinions, besides some very serious evident basic errors.

In fact, planning and structuring an email marketing database campaign is no longer as difficult as before, as it was for any company at least structurally and organizationally, but this type of online promotion should not be taken too lightly and, as everything else, this subject needs to be deepened without getting crazy to the point to renounce.

Today the real difference lies in the ability to use professional online tools that simplify the necessary and essential settings both for realization and sending, as well as the quality of the email database owned or purchased because current, (therefore not old), perhaps guaranteed and overall purchased from reliable suppliers and not the result of online procurement activities through software for extraction of “do-it-yourself” email lists for sale that would be deleterious and very counterproductive.

What you really need to promote products and/or services via B2B Email Marketing is to have the curiosity and willingness to deepen the strategies to choose which tools are the most suitable for this purpose.

Today, doubtless, there are many services about sending bulk business email for corporate B2B email marketing.

Benchmarkemail is the one that we recommend for its easy use, the possibility of obtaining a free initial plan up to 2000 contacts that can be entered up to 14,000 business email you may send per month.

This tool, to perform B2B Email Marketing professionally , is able to combine a real easy access to advanced and professional simplified features with its free basic version already for absolute beginners allowing those starting their first campaigns to avoid buying traditional software for sending more or less expensive bulk mailings and setting the email database on corporate PCs often even in a very complex way; this offers, as already mentioned describing its free version, many essential tools like those allowing to test the Spam score level of the message created before sending actual business email to the entered list, or tools tracking actual openings and which recipients, such as those tracking the actual readings, the missed openings and any missing addresses for hard bounce as well (that is, non-existence of the recipient’s email address).

Obviously, also payment plans are available for companies needing much more contacts to add and much more business email to send monthly; for absolute beginners it is certainly an optimal tool to begin to understand which the most common errors are while setting up a Direct Email Marketing campaign without errors.

The importance of buying up-to-date and guaranteed 100% corporate email database

Could it make a sense for your company to send 2,000, 10,000 or even 20,000 emails, elaborately created with all the necessary precautions about the case in question, to old company email contacts including the majority of those not used anymore or existing no more?

This is the most common error: buying email database considering cost and quantity only.

Buying updated database contacts 100% guaranteed from real Hard Bounce is essential; if being present reasonably and proportionally to the total number of email databases bought; this ensures reliability of data and integrity of any supplier company.

For instance, those companies willing to perform a B2B email marketing and contact European companies via email, must provide business email data legally retrieved from the supplier to comply with the new GDPR UE law on privacy.

Consequently, for example, before sending your DEM to all geo-targeted company email database of your field of interest and previously bought from the supplier you must request a consent for emailing informational material through an opt-in email consent to further business email communications.

This initial “creaming off”, apparently a restricting inconvenience, will already provide you with an important selection of accurate contacts interested in the actual sending of your DEM only, that will confirm you a pre-interest by such companies side, having given their consent to receive your future communications, creating a potential contact and making them one of your customers much more easily in the short or medium term.

Tips to avoid both the most common and insidious errors

Like any business, even B2B email marketing requires knowledge and skills respecting some fundamentals and gathering information without a hurry to start-up; this type of online promotion, if well performed, will prove to be the best investment for your business email especially in the expenditure/conversion ratio.

This, respecting those considering not reliable at all this type of online promotion after their several disappointments, due to their negligence mostly.

In short, driving on an unknown and bumpy road and you get a punctured tyre, you do not throw the car just to clarify … you change road if possible … isn’t it?

All depends on how you initially plan a B2B Email Marketing campaign, respecting privacy regulations, in creating the email message itself, and on how you set it up and finally processed.

Another common error is to send, both the Opt-in email and the related DEM or a campaign Newsletter, with the same company email of your own website domain.

Actually, we always suggest to send such bulk business email communications with b2b email lists purchased for such purpose; notify your hosting supplier about such email with dedicated SMTP, and that you wish to send bulk emails according to hours and per month submissions of a certain maximum number to avoid your current business email IP address falling into the anti-spam of the Blacklist, from the search engines as well; maybe you thought to use a domain name identical to your website, creating damage not only because emails will never be sent to email marketing database or never received or, if sent, received into the spam folder of the email database, but also to your company website having the same IP of the site’s Email domain that, especially for those who have invested there, SEO side would disappear shortly from SERPs of the search engines.

Thus, we suggest buying first an e-mail dedicated to appropriate bulk sending of b2b email marketing, for example:

if you have a site and an official email that you usually use as

to send e-mail campaigns you can purchase the related version with domain similar to the domain name of your company website but with .com, .org version, where still available of course, to which you can combine a payment service called dedicated SMTP more appropriate for the maximum number of hourly business email submissions (maximum sending speed/hour) considering also the total maximum number of emails per month.

These suppliers of domain names, email and dedicated SMTP have different annual plans, several are economic as well, such as, for example, the Benchmarkemail’s ones.

Subsequently, obtained the Email with dedicated SMTP and its brand-new domain name this will be exclusively dedicated to Email Marketing; from the initial Opt-in to your DEM and/or Newsletter.

The Benchmarkemail’s tool we spoke about and the sample video useful to create pre-set business email messages, ready for modifications and changes as needed; it also automates and simplifies the process of unsubscribing individual contacts from the B2B email list or more email lists for sale where added, doing it automatically by a simple click on a special button located at the end of the email message. A nice time saving.

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