Emergency COVID-19 – DB Email B2B discounted -50%!

COVID-19: DB Email B2B discounted -50% to support businesses

In such a difficult and emergency time for Italy and the whole world, where everyone is called to their civic sense, we believe that web marketing and email marketing can also contribute strongly in limiting the risks of contagion while not eliminating the local economy of every small town, country or nation.

The web certainly represents a considerable advantage today compared to decades or centuries ago, where in scenarios like this you could only use the usual promotional systems.

Creating new opportunities and ways of meeting is certainly possible:

by definition, crises are always an opportunity to break the patterns that have been consolidated over the years, sometimes no longer efficient.

In our case, they are patterns of a traditional communication, anchored to methods – rituals – habits that involve physical co-presence, the visit to the client, the search for a prospect in the field.

In our times, in addition to being normal, it is a duty to be able to create opportunities to meet for business thanks to the network, albeit with all the necessary safeguards in terms of security.

In our times it is certainly possible to work remotely and therefore remotely. Every business man knows this.

The human factor will always be a very important factor, but there are also new ways to make up for certain travel needs in this period and must be used to the best advantage.

And every digital marketer, knowing their strength, knows how to take care of their interests working from home or remotely.

Tools such as B2B DBs offer the possibility to study and implement new work strategies to those already consolidated and high efficiency.

So we have decided that until the emergency is over, all Databases and B2B email lists will have a discount equal to -50% off the list price.

United, all together everywhere in the world #andwillbeallright

Long live Italy, and every suffering country!

Per aspera ad astra

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