Some basic notes about on what to know before to promote by email marketing not european companies to Eu companies about GDPR 2018

Since 2018 the new European regulation (GDPR) on the protection of personal data by companies has come into force both for the retrieval of personal data or comparable as such, as well as for any changes or deletions of their personal data held by companies, and on how to protect data.

It is very important to understand which company data have to be considered comparable to private personal data.

In fact, if the owner company prior consent to the publication or use of such data has not been provided, it is to be considered not in compliance with GDPR.

For example;

an email from a manager of a purchasing office of the type:


that has not expressed his clear consent for making it public or included in any DB of Lists of Company Profile Emails, could create many legal problems to the sender if the mentioned manager is not content to remove himself even from the first initial Opt-in email.

This is because, on the profiled email list purchased by the sender, that email should not have been there at all, since he never provided any consent either through a form of a site with acceptance on the web or on public lists.

Having received an unwanted email communication in a private internal email for personal use at work makes this email comparable to a personal private email even if used for business purposes.

It is therefore good to buy only DBs from suppliers that collect such data scrupulously, that update and verify them constantly before supplying them and that possibly have their headquarters in a European country to obtain greater protection of the purchaser of said B2B Email Lists.

Bancomail is the Italian company of which we are partners that has the, if not the broader, Italian DB of corporate e-mails, but certainly one of the largest and most accurate in providing B2B e-mails for companies in our country and is therefore specialized in the niche of DB Email Profiles of Italian Companies.

We assist for consultation or for the actual setting, even at a distance, especially those who are beginners with the Email Marketing to EU or non-EU countries, and want to start respecting all these requirements for the part inherent to doing Corporate email marketing through initial Opt-in, DEM or Newsletter, suggesting and setting up submissions using professional tools, sometimes with free plans (for small or medium-sized companies) and payment plans, respecting the GDPR privacy procedures.

All this because as suppliers, we are specialized not only on Email Database of companies, Associations and Italian and European Public Bodies, but also on millions of DB Emails of global companies.

All DB Email updated daily and guaranteed by 100% hard bounces choosing between reimbursement, replacement of email lists or through a repurchase coupon with increased value.

If you intend to start informing companies, associations or Italian public bodies in particular, both at European and global level about your services, goods or products, we provide quality B2B Email DB and do not deal with any kind of private data with Bancomail, for company choice, just to offer value and guarantee of data provided through DB of B2B Company Lists profiled by geo targeting, by brand and sectoral microcategories of companies such as freelancers, by type of company e.g. by various types of companies, by number of employees and others.

Each request for a quote is free and you can subscribe to the DB Center through our website to consult and possibly order your Database with a discount in Euro on your potential first order; all this simply by confirming through the two confirmation steps provided as received by two automatic emails after the free registration request to DB Center.