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Bancomail’s portfolio to let you know which important firms trust in Bancomail’s Database.

Bancomail, of which we are a partner company and on behalf of which we sell directly through the issuance of their invoice, is a company born from a branch of Neosoft Srl, an important and historic Italian IT company based in Genoa, born years ago; it has its own Datacenter with global and EU B2B Database with the largest archive of profiled Email DB of Italian companies broken down by macro and micro business sector-specific categories; from Freelance to freelance professionals, to small, medium and large enterprises, to entities of public administrations and professional associations, all appropriately broken down by geo-targeting.

Bancomail does not limit itself to supply only up-to-date Email Database,  for business activities, associations and Italian entities, which, for example, includes a DB list of 750,000 enterprises, but also has sector-specific Email Lists of profiled European and Worldwide business activities, all complying with the GDPR UE regulations for a total of 8,000,000 of B2B Email DBs constantly checked and updated even during the 24 hours before being supplied.

This reliability and truthfulness of Email data supplied and the guarantees provided made this company, year after year, a well-known brand for the Italian market but it is not limited to.

The email data supplied and scrupulously retrieved in compliance with the current regulations on GDPR privacy agreement, while it needs the initial opt-in as set out by law, in force regarding data collection, are not the result of any illegal or misleading assessment activity but they are the result through processes of internal retrieval absolutely in compliance with the applicable laws.

In fact, Bancomail a few years already before the final application of GDPR regulation had immediately engaged itself in advance for the such data retrieval to comply with all the rigorous methodologies of this new legislation thus conforming well in advance to both provide confident and reliable data to his B2B customer .