Terms of Uses & Payments

Terms and conditions and payment informations

Customer’s obligations for compliance with privacy laws regarding personal and corporate data

In any case, as indicated at the time of the order, the buyer is aware, commits and binds himself, without time limit, to never resell or to give to third parties, for any reason whatsover, (even for free), such databases purchased from Bancomail and their accredited partners, in compliance with community and national laws regarding privacy, to protect corporate and personal data by exempting Bancomail and its partners from any liability for illegal use as incorrect or improper.

The customer acknowledges that as per applicable law, the initial Opt-in communication is mandatory for any email present in the purchased databases.

Terms of payments

Payments conditions for your purchases will be carried out by credit card, advanced bank transfer or PayPal.

For each mean of payment you will receive detailed information by email as soon as our quotation will be accepted and order placed.