Profiled Email DB of European Companies and more

Demographic information:

Product Category – Company name – Address – ZIP code – City – Province – Region – Telephone – Fax – Email

There are multiple and cross-referenced extraction criteria:  by category, geographic location, company type, invoicing, by number of employees.

Accurate Company profile by total employees number.

For personalized quotes with profiling requirements by crossing our 4 forseen profiling levels, ie by:

– Business Field or Public Entity

– Geographical area (Continental, National, Regional, Provincial, Municipal)

– Corporate turnover per year

– Number of corporate employees

Please, get in touch with us by writing and by phone through the information given in order to provide you with very focused quotes.

Your lists will be sent directly by email as a format  xls file (tab, csv, or any other format as needed). Delivery time may range from 24hrs. to 3 working days max.

Compliance Policy 

Data provided by Bancomail are sourced, processed and managed in full compliance with National and EU GDPR Privacy Laws.

Each purchase is covered by a contract warranty on the licit data collection and process.