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Direct Email Marketing Tools Easy to use both with Free and Paid plans

Companies entering for the first time and willing to start their own DEM campaign, are without any doubt in the need of an easy structure for sending massive e-mails, Smart & User Friendly but at the same time tailor-made for their needs and complete;

we suggest the use of Benchmarkemail Online Tool.

Start a Free Plan

This online tool offers both a free plan and multiple plans against payment, which we think is ideal for all those small and medium-sized businesses starting now and willing to structure their e-mail Marketing campaign to communicate through DEM or Newsletter at the best.

This tool provides users with many useful tools, guides and video examples to create, set up and check their newly email grafically created, by a simple click on Spam Check control you can check the level of Spamming reached through a visible score; this should be done every time an Email is considered completed and before sending it out.

Otherwise you end up in the IP blacklists and, as a consequence, the recipient will never receive the correspondence or will receive it in his Spam folder and not in the “Inbox” one.